Mark Knopfler T-shirt - Dire Straits T-shirt

Mark Knopfler T-shirt - Dire Straits T-shirt

It is easy to forget just how broad Mark Knopfler's reach in music over the last 30 years is. Mention his name and horrid images of day-glo headbands and one of the most defining albums of the 80s always spring to mind. But without that and the whole MTV association; Mark Knopfler would more readily be heralded as one of Britain's finest guitarists. Dire Straits' first two albums are pop masterpieces; while since the band's split; the breadth of his solo work is mind blowing. Cool; he may never be; but brilliant he most certainly is. Wear a Mark Knopfler T-shirt to show that you care about music; not 'cool'.

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